Wish List

The Stewardship committee has come up with a great idea: A Wish List. Similar to a gift registry for weddings or births, this is a list of items the congregation needs or wants for the Church. To make this happen, two things have to happen. First we needs ideas of what to buy for the church. Second, we need donations for those items.

You can help with the first item by submitting ideas to stmatts@vianet.ca . Send your member number and name and your idea of what to buy. These could include large items like an air conditioner, small items like vouchers for a group dinner to be distributed to those in need, or anything in between. All ideas will be forwarded to the Stewardship Committee or Council.

The list already contains the following items:

  • digital piano
  • new alter vestments
  • new or re-silver the bowl for the baptism font
  • lift/elevator


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